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buy this market is gambling, doesn't serius fundamentals and technical support for a rise my friends.
Keep the government shut down. The longer the better as far as I'm concerned.
Luna classic
The question isn’t whether a shutdown will occur, it’s whether Moodys will downgrade. This will cause yields to rocket adding to the long list if reasons the market will drop.
Downgrade incoming
us recession is over 15218 us coming before any up or down move..
buy on dip upto 14515 low ..
deal will happen and all drama get over
is shutdown going to happen or not ..any confirm news or update guys
The news says that even today an extension until November will be discussed in the Senate with a Democratic majority, but that even if it is approved they would have to wait until Tuesday and it could be rejected again by the camera with a Republican majority.
lol do people really think markets drop during government shutdowns? it will drop soon, but has nothing to do with that
A year from now, you will look back and realize how little this mattered. All your fretting for naught. The governments have been lying to us our entire lives
Congressmen like to stand in the hall and get news people around and sound like their important
The last shut down late 18 early 19 market dropped a 1000 points. That was a bad one it last longer than others. We just have to wait and see how the market reacts. Lots of free be month could be cut off next week. Means less spending. Dont think that will be great for the economy short term. People will panic if the shut the government down. I don’t think it will happen but if it does i dont see how this is good for the markets. The world markets not just ours.
The market was up 5 % in the month after the shutdown compared to the prior to thr shutdown you mention as far as i can tell. Please post a chart.
The month after. During the shutdown it was down -1000.
Last shutdown was Dec. 21, 2018 until Jan. 25, 2019. Dont see any 1000 pt move down in NDX over that timeframe.
Take away all the news and everything else. Just look at the 1 month charts on alot of the nas stocks. All still closed well below their middle bollie band. Most of their candles even from today are very questionable to me it looks like they all want to test their bottom bollie bands again. We will see monday. This was a setup to go lower at least short term. Look at the charts of some of the bigger companies and tell me their charts look bullish? They sure dont look bullish to me.
Even the QQQ tried the middle bollie and got smacked back down to close near to the low of the day. How is any of that bullish?
Rest easy people, the Senate finally solved the Fetterman clothing issue, so you see, the government can get important things done, lol
I dont think the government will avoid a shut down but I also dont think thats going to move the markets down any particular amount. We’re in euphoria territory. Maybe earnings will shake it out but don’t be suprised to see more big green
here's the thing I know people that know McCarthy personal and they're telling me, no deal all the back and forth is just for show
Well thanks 🙏. McCarthy position seems uncertain as per news. The issue impacts millions of people for whom these representatives work. They may agree at last hour.
here's the thing they wont reach a deal and stocks will fall off a cliff monday and I have proof
Please explain. What if the deal is through Saturday afternoon?
very sure you are definitely a declared bear for life🫠
Trump took on China and middle east and he almost won but covid and postal votes, have they sorted postal votes yet or still going to be dead people voting again...... I am non americal btw and still favour T over Biden...
So middle east is pumping less to keep the prices up but the US is reducing the leases, how good are they in their thinking, by US reduces they keep the prices up and who is suffering normal citizens and middle east are buying ferraris and growing forests in deserts, can't wait trump to take this over even though he is a lool but better for the world i think.....
it's just a short squeeze. simmer. my gas is down 10% in last 2weeks
So many inexperienced traders here, they can't diff between real and fake....
government shutdown and downgrade and limit down
Government wont shutdown. They will pass a resolution to keep it open another week. While they work on the real bill. This will still go down next week. Too many other problems. Have a nice weekend!
I don't care what anyone says - I did not rat that guy out.
Well The Shutdown Is Good To Keep Inflation Under Control :))))
If we could just get about 4 years of that we might get back to sanity.
Neil, old friend, when the interest on the debt becomes more than social security expense they will start killing old folks even faster than they did with the covid-19.
Debt ceiling is a problem. We will see how this plays out. Credit downgrade would be ugly. But good thing u bought calls today! We shall see how October plays out.
Fugitive founder of crypto hedge fund that lost $10 billion arrested in Singapore while attempting to flee
Overbought. Shutdown will wipe 4% coming Black Monday soon
Too Conservative :))))
Billy bob & Earl down at trailer park shorted for the big government shutdown too. Everybody will win right?