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I have always been interested in working with this organization and according to my experience 😌 it's beyond experience
it is very good
Hello..can I get someone to guide me
hello can someone to guide me
i need someone to teach me please
hi sam i could help
I also need help kindly
the same my dear country men
first time trading!
No risk ,no gain!!  Time to invest is during this bear run
any etf investing?
how do I invest?
The index is targeting the lows of 2002
After the removal of interest rates capping, it is all the way up till end of 2020. Thank me later
this did not age well.
Covid happened
The repeal of interest rates a real stopper
2009 lows taken out, hence next target is 2002 lows. By the time we reach there things will be very bad.
I am not quite sure if it will hit 2002 levels. If it heads there then we will be in a very interesting times.
anyone willing to coach me on this?
It has gone back pre 2009 levels.
NSE 25 is down 64 points today & 20 is down this the dip?
anyone know abroker that allows trading kenyan stocks
faida investment bank offers a platform via the nse platform
its going back to 3200-3300 now.
I agree..
Make it a long-term play -10 year investment horizon, reaping dividends along the way , buying on price dips . Have an exit stratgey if the long term doesn't seem to pay off
How do we go about all this am new in the business
waste of time investing in the NSE, no real value has been created over the last 5 years. Instead the investment fees have eaten into your funds. You're better off with a sports investment fund.
What's is sports investment fund and is it regulated?
In my opinion the NSE 20 has been consolidating around the 3,300 point. The bear run seems to be over. I expect it to start a bull run within the next few weeks.