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canada should make sure and confirm the safety of Indians living there or els they will face the heat from India 💥
relationship between Reason Aerospace Mahindra will broken canada is going to loose the support of GREATEST and POWERFULL country in the world with out India's support canada is going to be endup like Pakistan
oops it's Resson Aerosace & mahindra
started trading below 19700 in Gift Nifty
Double Bottom in Dow be ready for grean
maximum retailers today averaging ce ....
This last expiry gone below 19000 am sure it will happen
Doctors who scored zero can now study PG medical courses... id.ots LoL🤣
hdfc bank adr in green
But icici down
Lagta Hai Thakur Ne Hijado Ki Foj Banai Hai 🤔🤔🤔
can you do Hijob I'll give one 1₹rs for one 1 lu nd deal or no deal ?
i will also give you certificate it's called lu nd Li.cker certificate
are you kisoru
Patel na dikra alpu just now i reply ur post
i am machut illiterate komban with zero iq
that's why alpesh and Kishore like Li.cking my lu.nd🍌
Thats why they like faikkin ur ma and wifi 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
foreign markets boom
FII index option sold value crossed more than the year 2019 and 2020.Now index will must down to 12500.
Today's data not needed buy puts only make bankrupt every MC arrogant bulls
He is god Hanuman. Knows everything.
🤣🤣🤣 no brother do not compare me with God compare only modi ji with God
Kaise ho Thakur..? Abhi Tak Jinda Ho😎😎😎
yes you can hundred 100 lu.nds in 10 minutes itself 🤣🤣🤣
Patel na Dikara....ha.ha.ha..
is it for me?
because i always post Patel na dikra alpu
next move up to 19540
Fii sold again 3k...F&O wait.. Then Gifty move.. Wait
Index looks very overvalued 12500 coming
Who are you Pakistani bhosdike kutte
@ I'm Indian bhosdike
Indians not use slant language like you who told you are an Indian who do not know manner how to talk
hamne bola to pachas tola kal pura din bulla he parso pata nai..
Alpesh 10 litre crude is for leo n kabz. Both will get 5 litre each for their 19600 ce
alpesh can you lick my lu.nd it's iching I'll give one ₹1 rs
Alpesh do you want kombanatic syphliis
Now gift nifty breaks support
My slippers always ready for you insect🩴
Ok Fine
make sure you hit on my lu.nd with your slippers please 🤣
Dow looks still overvalued considering dollar bonds crude
very bearish weekly candle has formed in nifty, avoid long positions for now.
tabi position lena hota hen bidu.
, I will wait till I see clear support being formed in nifty. better late entry than wrong entry.
today onwards again rally, enough is enough now
Enough is enough now 19700 is very huge valuation should must go to 7500