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Nifty Bearish only below 19730 for this month expiry
ready to down for tomorrow
agr shorts fas gye h jo ki sach me fas gye h ek achi short covering abhi b baki sayed kl ya parso aye...basarte US bahut negative na ho
Just Think abt the manipulation. Just 2 days to expiry. Nifty Future running at 70 point premium. How long u can manupulate? Whatever u earned from this manipulation your family will die in car accident. Then? What will you Do? Hope God will do this Bast xx ards.
missed the rally, was in opposit trade and sl hit
what a breakout, gapup opening with 40+ points
Today - Ur day. I get loss. I had short 19500 call. Tomorrow U will. This is Circle of Life. Nobody can Change it.
Ravan ja bhi ohonkar nehi tika... Barbad ho gaya. Modi Adani Nifty and it's operators konsi khet ki muli hai?
waah waah waah waah
buy 44400 Ce on early hours in fall tomorrow target 100 to 170 perhaps
why perhaps 🤣🤣
why not confirmed or mark it🤣🤣
in morning at 10 am ..i was posting that plz dont short ..even when market will go down U will not get it was not updating ...tried 10 times bt it was not posted
Operator must have blocked your post
raat gayi so baat gayi.. prepare for tomorrow
Gift nifty breakout above 20000
Already give breakout today.. Only watch bullet train tomorrow
Only fear is spot close below 19900 on post closing
I said gift nifty channel breakout above 20000 idk what u talking about
Today Nifty Candle and TCS candle almost same
today's days will be very important .. kindly do share if anyone has it already
data 🤓
Lol 🤣
PSE stocks..NMDC..OMCs..
Adani Modi Both will be kicked out from India very Soon. Adani Share will trade in 0.05 paisa only.
Looks like Shani maharaj has better things to do
Adani 10% Upper circuit done.. Tomorrow IT stocks .. TCS target 3544...3564..
Nifty fut.. Tgt 20, 160
I won't agree to disagree therefore I agree 100% 🤣👍🎉💚
I did give many warnings to bears but now RIP🪔 bears for using abusive words Lol🤣
and also I gave put short calls in several strikes 👍🎉
I did also gave futures target with numbers 🎉💚
Modi hain to mumkin hain more rate hike in real market fake pump in share market.Then who tell he thinks for people he thinks for corporates only
One should buy PUTs only below 19950, if weakness.. goings higher above 19970+ closing above 19888 not sure gap up tomorrow at 19950/19970
only trap in the market is the traders own position. lol...
You may see it as a bull trap but open interest and option chain says it is bullish
Adjustment in the end🤦🏻☠️💀
clearly bull trap in last 30 min.... I hope my CF put give me good returns in NXT 2 day
what is a bull trap or a bear trap for that matter? 🤔
Panauti put seller don't know anything only shouting close above 20200 will come but chu tia shorted.Panauti will die barking like this in forum 🤣🤣🤣
Abe Ga wn du... Agar maine bola hai kaal nifty 200 point girega toh girega. No more argument.
G a a n du this is the spelling spell correctly then talk in English 🤣🤣🤣