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More upside this weekend.
Hi! I am in Japan. Is there anyone outside of US? I think ERX is the No.1 ETF now!
Also in Japan. I will sell this b4 it goes down
I t is still good investment in my opinion.
Kurva Anyád covid geci
Go 50
This stock i bought a few months ago and have been trafing . This is my cash cow ! Then buy exxon.
Here’s the play... Energy had its run post covid selloff. Just finished a strong pullback from that rally. In at 17.50 looking for a price target of around $30. The rally coming from an increase in demand during reopening along with the decrease of supply under the Biden administration. Simple clear cut play. Good luck.
I would push it out a little further. Time decay is going to ****you if things don’t go exactly as planned.
got it i will see an extra 2 or 3 weeks thanks
Ive been selling weelky cover calls and buying again the following week. Working good so far.
this when is ,,,,kapot
I have been loading up on this for a few weeks now. beautiful chart. waiting for the run.
$20 soon
will it ever get back in the 100's since the split
no chance
$6 soon?
20 soon?
Sorry wrong board
after April 2021
if you dont buy now then idk. its at apr 23 levels.
Rally into the close. Hee Haw
Any op???
6 moths and this etf hits 100 dollars! Hold it! Chevron and Exxon wont get hurt! Nothing to lose! This stock is increasing day by day!!!!! Keep it👌🏻👌🏻
Will it go back to 100+!$
It may not because its a 2 x until a few months ago when it was a 3 x.Also futures for next few years may waive around 30-40$ barrel
nope. no way.. unless you sell.. then yes absolutely
not sure about holding this for long term bro,... many expert suggest not to.. i was into direxion gold miner x3 few months ago. i bought in before the gold price drop. then saw it dive 50% then when gold miners stocks rose atleast by around 100% my Direxion 3x still standing at -50%.. *******etf... good for 1 or 2 day trading only.
Is there any chance it will go back to 100$ +again in a year or later ? I bought when it was 10$ should i hold for long ?
No... There have been changes in the etf for example now it is 2x not 3x instead of 100 I see it at 32 at maximum if xle get back to January levels.
thanks bro .
explain your reasoning for 32
any opinions
not keeping up with oil any more ?
no dont hold etf's long term because they are re-packaged daily.
What it is?
What happen?
hi guys this track energy sector . is that mean oil only or more than that . could you give the index that the ETF track please
On this site if you look above the chart next to “overview” you’ll see “holdings” and this will give you the list. A lot of oil company stocks. If you want an ETF to track oil try UCO.
Its goes 2x XLE etf. Which track all the big oil energey companies life exxon, chevron, oxy, valero
Is it safe to go long on ERX for long term (months, half a year), targeting 70 or 130+?
I think direxion is best etf producer, but... Don't do that please.
Close to 52 week low. I own it at 7 but looking out 12-18 months. Oil glut might will limely take 6 months plus to begin turnaround. But you need stomach for it. You could see this go to 4.00 intermediate term. Speculation hi risk. But. I dont see oil this cheap in long term. This is an anolomy.
No, Lauri, that would be a huge mistake.
oil is up $5 a barrel today why in the world has this not moved
wait for the split. liquidity all messed up, won't track accurately.
wait for the split. liquidity all messed up, won't track accurately.