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why did the W.F executive jump out of a window to his death?
My personal view on WFC is going to cross 65 in the coming days. I see a positive move on this stock.
Still my personal view only for observation is that it has made the price reverse from here to a higher level to cross 65 in the coming days
Are the missing deposits being used to pump before the dump
Something drastic will happen to the banks I just got a feeling because it’s all fake report. America is the next communism worse. All papers are cooked.
New 52 week low incoming. HA
Trading idea - Entry point has to be over 40.7/61.80%
Is JP going to buy WF? Is WF in trouble?
Time for $15
15. this bank is done. JP will buy them
If JPM buys them, or there's talk of that, it'll go well over $50. Lol. Some people really really shouldn't be trading...
Get ready for $15.
one of the next target
Buy the dip
sell the flier lol
Anybody still banking with these criminals?
be in the 40 again by end of day. real golds pass any fire test
bigger banks are going to have more businesses transfered to them, so their stocks are likely to go higher. regional banks will have to restructure to be profitable or get bought out by bigger bank
Pump, pump it up!!!! As C.G says,"HA"...
backed by fed reserve, I'm long and waiting for the dust to settle for a nice ride up. who knows where the bottom is, if it seems reasonable it's good enough. 😁
Who is next? LOl
Not me~ says WFC
Why would Wells shutter one of its most profitable divisons?
Repeat offender, Wells Fargo, order to pay 3.7 billion.The CFPB ordered Wells Fargo (WFC) to pay the $1.7 billion civil penalty in addition to more than $2 billion to compensate consumers for a range of “illegal activity.” CFPB officials say this is the largest penalty imposed by the agency.
Nada como comer unas rodajas de pan lactal fresco, con un poco de salsa BBD
Why did I sell yesterday? Today +4.5%
Gap up from the bottom as both 1W and 1M charts are bullish
So. Missed across board and it is up 4%. Just unreal
Stop the War!!