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Hi anyone tell me what's going on with vermilion energy? why going down? because of natural gas price? will be going up to rang of catalyst price rang to 50 to 60.
Be patient.
hell tomato
why is it keep sinking?
OPEC! $VET to the moon!!!!
vI want to buy $15
Buying the dip! Oil will be over100$ all this year and next.
Going strong cause Brent is going up. Nothing to see here, carry on!
vet earnings were leaked, go check the website
buy the dip baiden deep throat
Takeover target?
I think there will be one last manipulated drop in oil. I'll buy more when that happens
big gains coming soon
This company had a long sleep.
tooo much inside trading I reported them
Who was trading
Been loading up, like a few other big firms.
pipelin has no impact just media  hype back to 8 bucks
so I bought VEt yesterday and to day its at a lmost 50 c gainlmaooo
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ive sold at 4.82 when it was red, it started going up should i rebuy?
bought at 2.45 sold at 4.82, is it possible it goes up more without a correction
No mercy for the money shredder share. Below $3 soon! Please read the other's comments below.
well it must *******to have extra chromosomes @amir sabiel
What's wrong?
Would this be a buy-out possibility?
Sleep good Vermilion... ...Die in peace!