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Start building position here ! 16.25 and building every 0.5€ down! We are getting close to buttom , but i don’t exclude even 13-14€
From years of experience, this company will go bust. Sell your shares, take lost, reinvest in a big corporation like microsoft, alphabet.
Why do you think so ? I dont folow this company too much but before have some good years .
When you come across those words "profit warning" and "restructuring", run, just run. Invest in something else.
IT has gone below 20. is it time to buy or wait?
under 21 euro
it is time to buy? or no?
Bellow 20 maybe buy a few
This price worth it. At 22 I'm in.
Fantastic share ! Surely will rise to 200 euro
bargain at this price.
Will see 88€
Again down 110
my opinion that the potential of Varta is huge, I see also an option that this company will merged or will be bought by other group.Varta is relatively small and can be a great platform for the batteries for EV. I anticipate a long term positive prosperity and increase.
Strooong buy 200€
lass doch den scheiss mal
Strong buy now!!! Batteries for cars are comeing!!!
What happened short this mess!!
boah halt die fresse eh
good price for buying....
Another minus 30%
why is this happening? the last financial report wasn't so bad.
it is not an american stock. So if it were an american stock we would see 400€ now. Many short sellers are inside and analysts are not so optimistic. But the situation could change
Will see 105€
Seelllll this messs short yeees
Hi Oliver I use saxo bank as a broker and I can not sell it short. Can u sell it short? If yes what broker do u use?
12. August 2021Continental and VARTA are developing a particularly powerful battery for electric two-wheelers
Short this messs doooown!!!
In arrivo buone notizie per 2022. !! Io incremento ..
It goes down ohhhh noooo
Whats going on?!
The super battary to charge in 6min for cars come at 2022🙌
200 by end 2021!
schnauze oliver deine 70 euro werden wir nicht sehen !