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Travelers Throuput is currently at 54% higher from 2019 lows.Projecting positive fcf by year end.Revenue is around 60% from 2019.DXY Dollar is at all time high.BUY DUH FOKN DEB!
Buying whoever is selling this under $6 looking for 3x in 2 years
Scratching my head over here but just proves earnings create unpredictable moves. Imo nuts move things are looking good for the future
US TSA Daily Travelers averaged 1.61M(-18%) this week vs 1.96M for the same period in 2019. On the 13 February 2022 1.82M(-18%) vs 2.23M. Given a 1B in cash from Q3 Report and an expected 400M (AirCentre Sale) in Q1, No New Debt would be required to operate the business in 2022, where any recovery story would be reflected in the Equity Valuation (Stock Price) assuming no further dilution of equity. Enterprise Value is at a 6.73B today, a 35% lower from 9.1B in 2019 with a 2.37B variance. The current Market cap is at 2.91B + Expected Recovery 2.37B from EV = 5.28B 81% Upside. Conclusion of 16$ stock valuation at full recovery and the -18% in TSA figures today from 2019. This stock should be trading around 10.5$ today. While countries easing restrictions now post Omicron and the Forward looking market theory. This stock should ideally be looking at 11$.
If I had the means I would take this company private today at these stupid prices. Yeah covid I get it but in 1 or 2 years we will be beyond 19' rev with income of 400+ million a year
It will eventually come back to 10z
It will be back above $20 within 2 years by then everyone will have died of covid or gotten it. People will wake up and they will all realize they have so little time here, got 2+ years stolen from them and travel they will go. In the mean time I got $.30 on next year's $20 calls but if I had the means I'd buy the whole thing today impossible they want a 50% premium to today's prices but one can only dream.
A Leveraged BuyOut would make sense as the debt maybe refinanced cheaper.
All the way to 18$
Apparently no one will ever travel again
30% drop in a month if I woke up 2moro with my head sown to the carpet I wouldn't be as surprised as I am right now.
Glad to see Mr mkt ignores the new partnerships but tanks the stock on block chain nonsense which does exactly the same thing as their new product released a few weeks ago. ugh frustrating
Still Here 18$ with more accumelated around 9.5$
I'm pretty shocked by this move not gonna lie.
Down 12% ***
10 days to cover right now 10! Plus the dark pool puts it at up to 16.47 days. Should be interesting when the spark happens could double before they can get out. Let's see what earnings brings.
Still here till 18$
Long from 9.10
This is like a lottery ticket where I am the house thank you whomever is selling. Where else can you buy a company this cheap that controls 22% of world wide ticker sales. Amazing
18$ will not sell for anything less
its going to be upper circuit..wait patiently..
it going to crash!!
why do you think?
Undervalued fair value Usd 20
This is the ultimate travel recovery play in my opinion.
This is the ultimate travel recovery play IMO.
Hope this drop below $8