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Why so low volume today?
Breakout! @29.44/sh 52wk high since pandemic it might hit 30sh before the end of the month.TAYOR.
In heel 2022 kwam de aangepaste winst van Shell uit op 39,9 miljard dollar. Dat is een ruime verdubbeling ten opzichte van de 19,3 miljard dollar in 2021.KasstroomDe operationele vrije kasstroom van Shell kwam in het afgelopen kwartaal uit op 22,4 miljard dollar. Dat was een jaar eerder in hetzelfde kwartaal 8,2 miljard dollar.Door de analisten werd dit ingeschat op 18,2 miljard dollar.DividendShell keert een dividend uit van 0,2875 dollar per aandeel. Dat was een kwartaal eerder 0,25 dollar.Daarnaast zal Shell voor nog eens 4 miljard dollar aan eigen aandelen inkopen. Dit programma moet afgerond zijn voordat Shell met de cijfers over het lopende eerste kwartaal komt
waiting for Exxon
Going up today. Any news about results?
Shell posted adjusted earnings of $9.45 billion for the three months through to the end of September, meeting analyst expectations of $9.5 billion according to Refinitiv. The company posted adjusted earnings of $4.1 billion over the same period a year earlier and notched a whopping $11.5 billion for the second quarter of 2022.
It also revealed plans to increase its dividend per share by around 15% for the fourth quarter 2022.
Buy ,high revenue
@Raoul Petersen not only high revenue let's include the coming 3Q dividend at estimated price of 0.25 euro/sh for long term investor your money is working for you and for short term trader you can take profit from this. 💯👍
Powering progress, Renewable energies that's the future of energy market sector. Shell invested in the present and future. Well done!
is the market closed today?
It will go 28 again within this week
when is the end the week?
rally was losing steam so the big guys dumped it so they can pump it up again
ppl are scared and are selling :( Stuped News Media about recession is making everything much worse...
Hold hold hold
I have calculated DCF value for this stock. According my calculation the fair price should be at the vicinity of 42 EUR per share. Let's wait and see...Btw check out the P/S ratio...
I agree - this stock is a part of cyclical sector. But for the DCF calculation I used revenue estimate from analyst views for next 4 years (and yes - the estimate is not so possitive as I expected...). Even so I got the stock price over 40 EUR / share.
did you take into acount a) pulling out of Russia b) Russia not supplying them and c) windfall tax of 65% put on it end May by UK Gov?
   a windfall tax for their revenue generated in the UK!!!!!!!!!!!
It could go to 30+ by summer in these crazy times
can you fix the news and link it to the new shell code ?
Gap filled! (daily chart) Now back down?
hold yourself
Guess so. Puts doing great.
It will go back to 26 again
a little effort to reach 28..
such nonsense - energy selloff
impressive financial performance , profits , cashflow , reducing debt (healthy gearing) , share buybacks and shareholders distributions increase
I had expected higher dividend hike
me too, why push buyback and not dividend?
There are thousands and thousands retail investors who bought shell stocks as a passive income for their retirement. Those can feel scammed by Shell policy.
oil down, stock up? why?
Cause oil up?
Presto aumento dei consumi ..
Se continuiamo cosi presto a 27.0