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At least without market faker for two weaks
Nice and easy so far. Still cheap
Hi guys, I hope at least few of you was fallowing my steps. All the best
No free funds sadly.choosed tesla instead.just few grands put on nio.
even de geldopname verteren en over een paar weekjes loopt t weer. positief blijven
Headed Island Hopping with my lady in Greece the next 2 weeks... I would bet Nio is less than it is today when I return the second week of October....cya
A strong day for Nio...
heck... it's a strong day if it's not down.. lol
A clear FUD even by boomburg on $3B fund raising. Everyone knows the value and growth probabilities and we all want to buy cheaper. Holding on and in few months things will be cleared. Note that I am not expecting all Chinese EV makers to be profitable but some cash flow can begin next year. Example is Li Auto.
According to the latest long-term forecast, NIO price will hit $9 by the end of 2023 and then $15 by the end of 2024. NIO will rise to $20 within the year of 2026, $25 in 2028, $30 in 2029, $35 in 2032 and $40 in 2035..... just the fact folks.. no exaggerations or opinions here
just Google it...
Nio is dead
Definitely no hurry to buy at this price or any price until they prove profitability... right now it's all just a gamble and will tie up your money until they do... those people that bought at 15 thought they were just as smart as the people now buying at 8....
If they would provide some profit probably you wouldn't get a share under $100
in reality... with so many shares already outstanding.. once they prove profitability it might support $25 a share
Hello again.sold for 14.80-14.90 and bought it back for 8.30. All the best
and my daddie has the biggest car of the whole world. childisch behavior OMG
Good for him.maybe you will buy one yourself.
The fools comparing Nio to Tesla are only kidding themselves... they will learn the hard way that Tesla is not a Chinese company
I'm sure glad I'm not wasting my money on a Chinese speculation at $8.. you guys can exaggerate all you want but it's a Chinese company in a communist country and they could pull the rug on that company at any time and you could lose all your money... The more I've looked into Neo the more sketchy it seems with them never making money and always trying to raise additional money from investors that's a long-term hold might be a serious loss in the long run.. time will tell
Does anyone know what day they report September deliveries?
Deliveries are meaningless until they can approve they can make some money.. which obviously they can't at this time and why you see the stock at 8 dollars... it's really not that complicated
1st of October
News media tried to cause a short position on NIO with false claims. never ending corruption
In addition Q3 results are not even close. Q3 is not even completed yet 🤣🤣🤣 Get some h. e. l. p.
What lame responses by the hopefuls..
Nio won't be $10 come third quarter earnings report Einstein
unless more bad news I do not see a new 52 week low. I'll buy some low 7s
Hopefully some of the deniers are beginning to understand how speculative stocks work....
Lol back to 7, this stock and whole company is a joke.
this is not stock, just play for shorter and longer. thrash
Nio could easily see new year lows come next earnings release... don't say I didn't mention it
Hopefully Nio does not fall into penny stock territory for some of you deniers... you are learning the hard way that exaggeration is not the best strategy
Thank god i got rid of my nio shares its a scam..get out while you can!!!
NIO phone got dumped on