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SurgeCenter taking a $110M state in MESO. This is going to go gang busters.
There's a reddit Mesoblast group at you know the address r/Mesoblast/
Wouldn't be lovely to see the shorters get creamed on here and over at the ASX on MSB.ASX
I'm from Europe and need some tips on some nice case in US market! Any suggestions guys? I any give you one of my own tips and it's going to give some good % in the nearest future. A great company with the name Africa Energy and exist on CAN and Stockholm market. Thank me later :)
LP @8.40
 I'm European too, which type of tips do you need? :)
 I'm from Sweden! If you have something which is a good deal. I can tell you one that i'm really heavily invested in, its called Africa Energy. Very good potential. They have found one off the biggest oil in Africa. Thank me later :)
 Considering the huge offer/demand divergence I don't think investing in a oil company, new or old, is a good idea. Things can go crazy quickly and most of the companies relying only on oil are near bankruptcy. Anyway, as tip, could be a good idea to hard short Moderna once vaccine is approved by FDA. Will follow probably the same Pfizer pattern
Picked up a parcel of this fall.
 yes it's a good idea, same experience with SLS for me, not far from it lol
 Aussie markekts closed in 36% lower than previous closing day. I guess US market could be the same. Next Monday could keep falling if no news. Most likely. I assumed.
 possible but anything is a bet with this volatility. My advice is just buy the dip or when RSI is high short the retracement
Well we're all crying. FDA look after American companies. Good on them. But if you're from another country it going to be a hard road to travel.
Now in a Trading Halt. The story just got really exciting. Will we be happy or sad Friday?
why is it falling?
why is it falling?
Just WOW!! Allogeneic cell therapy rexlemestrocel-L, 60% reduction in incidence of heart attacks or strokes and 60% reduction in death from cardiac causes.
Now FDA fast tracking. Nice. Full steam ahead.
Well hello Novartis :)
reached the bottom yet?
turn green now.lively
this the only red colour among my 52 stocks watchlist.
Strong buy
looking good today
why is it falling
Not going anywhere till the cytokine storm  mews is released. Patience for now needed.
22.50$ SOON
News are coming !
9 to 1 unanimous decision.. lets go!
UP 38% on ASX. Whoopee!
Sell on Monday or keep it for long investment ?
sell as price will go lower before 30th septemebr. Better chances to come back if you wish
why would you sell on great news.
too late to buy now?
ODAC OKs MESO. Hmmm. Wonder if we see a pop tomorrow.