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Great, but what indicators lead you to believe why to short this 80 bln medical company?
at current 380, you have lost  since mid sept 345   !!!
Anyone find it odd that they recently received a $1B government contract for vaccination distribution? You could point at monkeypox, Cvid-19, or even the momentum or this bear rally. But my gut tells me that some CEOs, CFOs, an some other higher ups will be getting a nice raise with some bonuses. Along with using the money for vaccination distribution of course. thoughts?
5/31 ex-dividend
350 soon
the more vaccine shots the more money
Pump and Dump
Guess this one will skyrocket now 😏
Something wrong in the report?
No, all good. Not selling less than 156.
It seems that these are the days of the big Flip Back, to the good old numbers. When the Big Boys will decide to get back in, TEVA, MYL, MNK, will get the biggest boost ever.
wake up its time to make money!
what is that your using
MCK  will go up
what is that your using