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Trading idea - Entry point has to be over 31.5/61.80% calss and puts in tools/ dasboard. Gamma profile in tools
Fake cheese and ketchup, who would buy this?
it's only the 5th largest food and bev company in the world
Fake cheese and Ketchup 😆. You forgot cold cuts, mayo, frozen food, coffee, crystal light, whipped cream, Mac n cheese, condiments, primal kitchen, lunchables, boca burger, Philadelphia cream cheese, capri sun, But yeah, only Ketchup. SMH.
You buy something from this company every time you visit a shop.
Can you see calls and puts on Cheers.
where? Thanks
General / Options
even the oracle of Omaha who bought this at 72$ can make mistakes... he's selling calls every month
see you at $120... under valued with solid future
 yeah but with 3% net margin and 1.98% roe it have huuuge solid future growth
Consumer staples. Great dividend. Get it at the right time and make some moolah!! This is not advice to buy, sell or steal any securities.
Where are my AMC Apes! BUY this. This is the inflation AMC! Let's shoot this to the MOON! it's still very affordable to buy the monthly option on March. Every fast food restaurants I know use Heinz Ketchup!
The Volume is increasin!!!, reaching 15 milions! Calls are now almost 7 time higher than Puts!!
This is New AMC!!! I bought 38.7call at 28cents last week. It gives me more than10 folds now.
Huge volume! Calls are 5 times more than puts.
So much competition in the ketchup world; Kroger and Great Value (Walmart brand) for starters. Other Heinz condiments face even greater competition soon and I'm talking more fierce than actual competion. Inflation!
People will still buy ketchup, mustard, mayo etc even if 50 cents more expensive. I think Food company is good during inflation. people still have to eat.
hi. and what about the KHC decision to acquire 85% of Just Spices? will it move the price downward in short-term period?
Beans means heinz.
still keeping above ema 50 and ema 100 on dayframe and trying to break through 37,75 and go higher?
good monig
anyone learn about divergence? this Kraft have bullish divergence on rsi and macd too
anyone learn about divergence? this Kraft have bullish divergence on rsi and macd too
Should I buy or not? The company is currently assessed below its book value.
five last weeks are unidentified.. whether go up or down
soonn 40+ again 😜
do you think ?
Looking to enter some longs @ $35.50
Xilin Chen what told you to make this call. it was a good one. 👍
 It was touching the oversold RSI lvl for the second time, I was looking for a bounce from there, now I will start tp sell upside calls into yr end to lower my cost
inflation = higher prices = more revenue = stock up
Inflation = higher cost = profit margin dip.
looks tasty for buying long. Took some into portfolio. Annual results may cause significant growth soon. So, will see results in January.
Really like the management, starting with their CEO. Defientky a solid turn around story thus far. Ways to go but solid nun the less si far. I started a poistion as well. Lets see what happens.
even ok for fast speculation prior approaching dividends...
Closed 36.3/ Waste of time... there are more ideas with +5-6% a week
i bought some long term calls
Whats up with this? E/R are above targets. Did they project lower Q3 guidance ?