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Hey guys.I can't sell or buy this stock on my HTS / MTS in KoreaI want to know if you guys can trade this on your trading program or App currently.
Mans, any suggestion for an entry point ?
I bought the dip
Definitely pump and dump and probably more. Check out the comment section in the seeking alpha article - Creatd Inc Is Showing Signs Of Improvement
I’m waiting for a pump
A snippet : When you invest in VC, you bet on the management/jockey. The founder has burned through over $78m in shareholder cash since 2015 (the company's been around a lot longer I think). Vocal as a product isn't interesting and something that's been tried dozens of times (hub pages and AOL Seed come to mind). The company refuses to pay (or can't pay) the Seller's Choice note, which I think deserves a bit more attention here. Cash is clearly very tight. If you read the dockets, I hope you chuckled as I did reading about the defendants and plaintiff lawyers bickering and being threatened by the judge to be assigned to mandatory classes on professional conduct.I find it interesting you ignored my point about the CFO's credentials and the loan made by Creatd Inc to Mr. Frommer's daughter. The sum was not significant, but it tells us a lot about the CEO. He uses the company he runs to loan money to his daughter. Very bizarre. I think we can agree both of these points are strange.The excessive compensation for the CEO is also egregious given the stock's performance AND the fundamental performance of the company since JMDA went public. Revenue growth is almost entirely through acquisitions. The seller's choice acquisition was puzzling and seems have multiplied the company's cash burn.Mr. Frommer is clearly a wealthy guy who's had a successful career in finance. He doesn't need to cash and could take his salary entirely in stock, which would have made this whole saga uninteresting and I likely would never have commented. Plenty of startups fail, but it's strange to see the founder make so much money while burning through so much cash. This raised red flags and just made me dig into the company.
Cmon end green today
Stay away!
Pump and dump!
Agreed. Check out the Seeking alpha article comment thread - Creatd Inc Is Showing Signs Of Improvement
some news?
wow they just announced a price offering at 4.50 this cheap as company always doing that taking advantage of us now we screwed minimum until next week 🙄
Back to 7.5
There is an uptrend so don't lose the moment
High volumes, it's time to go high
Cmon 8 today
Very risky … it’a 50/50 chances … good luck
basically what I did I double my position so hopefully on Monday we move up again I think market sentimental brought down still a great news with a great future
after hours proofs my point
thanks for the advice I appreciate it and just totally understand but I did an option and I have until 11/19 strike 7.50 at 0.45 now with 150 contracts so monday I should be able to sell it minimum at 2 making a 300% profit 👍
Uhmm yes loved it 400% 💪
Is it stupid to hold?
well...if you have to ask that, be sure that you do not Invest money that you really can't lose.
NEW YORK, Oct. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Creatd, Inc. (Nasdaq CM: CRTD) ("Creatd" or the "Company"), the parent company of the WHE Agency ("WHE"), today announced the signing of creator Alexis LaRue. The 22-year-old quickly gained popularity after she began sharing content portraying life as a new mother to twin daughters Elena and Camila who, at seven months old, weigh 21 pounds each. In a relatively short period of time using TikTok, LaRue, who posts under @themejiafamily, has garnered outsized attention as new audiences continue to flock to see more of the adorable family. The Mejias, whose posts have received tens of millions of views to date, have already amassed nearly 800,000 followers across their platforms and had their unique story featured by outlets including NBC's TODAY Show, ABC's Good Morning America, Fox News, Daily Mail, and numerous others.
now this is what you need to post my friends not none sense going to the moon etc let people know exactly whats going on so do your DD guys
Pff bought @5,63
Adrian whys is going to the moon is this related to Trump
Techinical Analysis, stay and see
is going down hard men down already 😪 50%
Dont sell before 20$
I hope i goes to 10
Better then 6-7$ but I think much more
Dont sell guys, it will be 20 EOD
Dont sell guys, it will be 20 EOD