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is it a good idea to buy more as long as it stays under $60?
no it is not because the deal is still under review and we have no garuantuee it will actually close
when will we get our buyout?
Amazon has just made a deal to buy Irobot for 1,7 b usd, 61 usd per share price. I think that deal is very cheap and could be much more. Anyway, congratulations for shareholders.
Maliyet 100:)
if my average of the stock is 70$ does this then mean that I loose 9$/share when Amazon acquire iRobot?
Unfortunately yes.
This is absurd
how are you
It have strong Short Squeeze potencial, with almost 20 short interest ratio and more than 40% short of float.
despite of good financial statement, why this company price continuously falling?
Maybe because of its competitor Xiaomi
it's undervalued cash flows speak clearly...
I think it's overvalued.
his guts XD
Why so?
Why so?
Great buying price
nice deal in last minutes
will fly after earnings
who just killed Irobot and why?
Noone killed Irobot. The company works just perfect. If you mean the stock price, short squeeze happened but it took too short :)
So if i got it right, the exchanges that deal in after hours restrict certain trades from after hours with all of their mates so that hedge fund managers can use their after hours tools to benefit. Investigate that SEC !!!!!
Melvin is shorting this ?
in case someone wonders what drove the price up, attacks made on short sellers to force them to close their positions
why would they short IRBT in the first place though?
They will make an conference soon , they want to drop thr price and buy it before that They are all there ! And on the charts forming cups and handles every trading day !
I’m not a day trader but I think that motto of this stock is “buy after earnings and sell before next one”.
Earning and EPS were excellent why it went down so much
today is same day)
earning numbers were good why the sudden drop??
China-US relations and trade war is effecting the company and stock price. But I believe that it will recover after another dip around 65 usd.
coz the institutions wanna get it at a lower price then start pumping.
coz the institutions wanna get it at a lower price then start pumping.
Anyone still thinking that will fall back to 40?
no really buddy, this company has no debt and outstanding results. The fall to 40 was due to panic and fear.
Whats the uptrend mac
back to 40
For a company which has 250m usd cash, I hope you are right. I will buy more if it drops to 40.
why should it go back to 40?
I think that Q1 results will be better than expected. Expect a short time rally.
haha they were terrible
I bought irbt for the first time.