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Trading halt on ASX for GTG (the underlying stock of GENE) today - waiting for announcement regardig the Covid-19 risk test.
Trading halt expires 1st of June. Expect a statement from the company before this time.
As expected. The Covid-19 test is now available via their US partner via Medicare and Mediaid.
Commercial release of Covid19 risk test announced to be ready in US market before end of May.
In the meantime - watch out for a coming spike when they launch their integration towards Medicare and Medicaid for their Covid-19 risk assessment test.
If only GENE could make a gene-test that would tell if a patient will get an adverser reaction to the AstraZeneca vaccine towards Covid-19 - then they would have a winner!
Finally - getting closer to the launch of Covid-19 Risk test in the US market. See announcement today
Nice... :)
Whats up?
seems like the market in general did not get the story about the distribution agreement for USA for the Covid-19 risk test.
untill the next earning report day...
There is good news on GENE's website!
Trade is stopped by the company. News will coming...
good or bad news?
 The want  announce in relation to a material distribution agreement. So good news. See Link:
 muito obrigado..
no market today?!!!
Very good opportunity to buy...
Polygenic Covid Risk Assessment Kit is coming soon
sorry, wrong forum.. my mistake..
Jan 28th is the key date
‘The Company will provide an update on further advancements to its diagnostic tests and hold an investor webinar to discuss the quarterly update, on Thursday, January 28, 2021 at 11:30 AEDT’
Any idea if I buy again today around 5$ could it rally tomorrow or coming week?
Great today I can sell them
Interesting.. Where do you hear of such stocks? I'm new to trading
COVID-19 test product available
low float and on watch
$5 by the end if fe
The sudden race yesterday towards the end of the trading day (Nasdaq) was due to the annual report. GENE is a mirror stock of GTG on ASX (Australian Stock Exchange). Genetic Technologies Ltd is an Australian company.  The price of GTG on ASX is now (close to end of ASX trading day ) comparable to 4.49 USD for GENE. 1 GENE = 600 GTG,
Scrivi ciò che pen su Genetic Technologies Ltd
Sudden race up and then a brutal drop downwards and a trade stop. What is happening?
You're not alone @mr. risk, GENE has been my greatest ticker.
Was wondering - alone in here at times...