General Mills Inc (GIS)

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Holy cow, thank god I didn't listen to myself
do you think its right time for U turn?
During financial and startup problems good old value stocks will mean the solution, like GIS and others. Food industry, telecom, etc.
Glad I sold at 80. I would jump back in at 70
Glad I forgot to buy again
There is a huge demand for the Bera share in the Turkish stock market. It's a very profitable business.
GIS $74.72 +6.35% @ Close!
Looking bullish long term.
Stop putting poison in baby food you evil psycho corp.
super cheap
Buy it for $70
is it worth Mohamad to buy tomorrow ? if yes what price and when to sell before earnings or after earnings ?
Today is time to start a big move
It will go to $70 from here ,
Graet Beat 👌😍
3% net sales increase and grosse margin of 35.6%.great news !!
73 per share by December
you can't go wrong with cheerios in your portfolio
Hmm lets have a look where the journey will end
it's getting bad, but I got to hold
Given everything, their earnings wasn't too bad
I don't fully agree with the Goldman assessment of GIS. While they charge a higher premium vs. other food staples, they've made some great acquisitions and history shows that they have been very resilient to market downturns as a consequence of "selling the basics". I would welcome a huge fall if it creates a buying opportunity. This stock is a long term hold for my portfolio
hope for 50.50 after ER
well spotted!
General mills looks good range 38.65 to 35 can test 46 support at 32. long term
support from 2000.
going test 41? or going up... this company drive me crazy
on november 2, support around 42 worked,(exactly 6 month) when big guys reinvested dividends.. . should be around 48 in next 3-5 weeks,