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Hi, Bros!! HHH
GE $113.57 +1.25% @ Close!
Hi, Bros !!! I wote it on Dec.25,2022. HHHThat price was $63.82."Dec 25, 2022"Hi, Bros !!! Feel free to buy . It makes you rich!!! HHH
Thanks...Your a Genius
oh wow look what we got here !
outdoor looking in
high high
As you can see, Master invests in the future. Do you understand?
Hi, Bros !!! Feel free to buy . It makes you rich!!! HHH
Because I am The Master !!! HHH
GE plans a 1 for 2 at $50 to get price at $100 again
Target 50
GE , BA, RTX, all buys today going forward
Aviation and renewable energy booking now.
on board or wave from shore
oh my god! will it go to single digits again?
Dead whale
almost double bit earnings forecast :)
American disaster.
About time for another reverse split. Nothing can help this dog!
Trash. Will continue to drop to new lows daily
Teady for another reverse split. Culp is a joke.
Larry Oh Larry. what have you done
what a tragedy... disaster of epic proportions
Drop it like it’s hot 🔥🤏
Boring stock
Just hang on. Long term is promising. Eventual division to 3 companies is common sense.
Hell I think long and stong here no sense in *******off a pillar even if its a dinosaur ; )
really. communication here..I've got a great idea for you G.E