GameStop Corp (GME)

  • Volume:
  • Day's Range:
    91.55 - 97.28
  • 52 wk Range:
    77.58 - 344.66

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  • The truth about all this issue is here, you guys got played by some stubborn and greedy mods at WSB
    • Literally the first post 6h ago : "this is misinformation, left here because reddit is about open discussion" in reality wsb mods got played by dfv and friends too.
    •  ok, keep drinking their kool aid.. if you really think the short squeeze didn't happened already then you must believe in unicorns as well
    •  Did you read what I wrote? I am telling you specifically it wasn't said mod because in your link it literally says so, that it was proven as disinformation, and I am telling you it was dfv's ploy, scam yes but you blamed the wrong guy. And yes of course the squeezing happened... what do you call a move from 2 to 500?!