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uh huh hunny
long by rail is suspended
LNG by rail is suspended
tank city baby
XOM $104.54 -1.83% @ Close! $4.9B offer to buy Denbury
82 coming soon..
86 coming soon.
US may benefit from Saudi’s Production cuts. Along with Saudi OPEC+ may also cuts the production to curtail shorts by decreasing base Quantity. Their target might be $90 to $92. With less production
Target 69.55
Short 5 @ 70.26
wrong chat. don't forget stop loss and target so when you find the right chat, they can assess risk/reward in your trade. Good fortune!
Haha! Thanks! Yes after posting I realized where I was. Hope you're doing well in this casino :)
I mentioned the opportunity to short XOM in yesterday's live broadcast. On one hand, XOM's own trend is very weak, and on the other hand, the price of oil is continuously falling, further suppressing it from the fundamental perspective. Today's strategy is to go short on the rise. A suitable entry position is around 104.6, with a stop loss at 105.7, and a profit target at 102.
Come to 101
Its heading for the upper 80s
95-90 looks cool
The yearly double top is holding up…
XOM $109.94 @ 03:20 PM ET
$bpener ... unch @ 39.13%
124 coming soon
Yearly Double Top
also waiting for 80 USD spot to come back in... come on recession fears! :-D
To the moon
it will be $80 in 4 months
Scotiabank Downgrades Exxon Mobil to Sector Perform From Sector Outperform, Lowers Price Target to $135 from $140
it will be 113 or 112 today5-4-23
102 coming today
man u always wrong
XOM $106.42 +2.80% ... $bpener reverses +4.348 to 17.391%
XOM $101.03 -0.58% @ Close! $bpener unch @ 8.696%.
XOM $111.28 -3.85% @ Friday Close!
$bpener -8.696% @ 30.435%
Hi guys, by mistake i was given sell order at 103. Please let me know is there any chance to go down the price or can i close possision in loss?
Close this trade. exxonmobil move will be on a buy side.
already i closed on 117. but now in 111 hmmmm