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why drop 8-10% today?
Bcoz of Amazon!
This collapse today is not a coincidence, there are rumors that Amazon will provide the Internet connectivity to its US prime members or something, thus competing with DETEL, I guess.
buying, energy regulation plan in EU in two weeks
Never seen such a garbage stock
Stuck how to get out from this rubish it never go up
just wait to more years!
long long long at 15,820
This stock will fly again. Good chance to buy in my opinion.
when it will fly please with Lufthansa together ?
One of rubbish stock I invested in
Why is it struggling to get higher?
Buy or sell for 2021 ??
Klarer kauf. easy buy
Telekom is undervalued
Good investemt
best invest
News there will be news tomorrow, in advance telekom will earn around € 4 more per household per customer
to entry from next week to DTEGn or not to entry ? is it worth for short for 3 - 4 days after earnings or is very risky ?
Buy low sell high , correct?
5G is helping.
money plz
Turkish bank YAPI KREDI #ykbnk target 1,5 $
any good news ? will go this share above 16 ?
149 euronews
Above 16.70 again
I'd like to share your optimism, however I'm above. 16,70 WHEN???