Aleafia Health Inc (AH)

Currency in CAD

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Money getting thrown at her gettt
up up please
See the volume? Not going up
why the wall here
Up up
Buy buy buy
Will the trading volume increase?
this stock is dead in the water.
march 18 ,2020 doomsday or great green parade
big news coming tonight from health canada
whens the next earning date
this stock is done
Opinion: I think it is going to rise ...
what a trash.....of stock
you bought it at peak value then it goes down 10% the day you got it. am I right? if that's the case, rip.
Growing green out of the ash ;-)
you were definitely right about aleafia the other day Chris. hope you loaded up and made that extra 17%~ good call.
It couldn't make the correction yesterday like the others, because Toronto was closed.
Just OTC here
Target price CAD 3.00Strong buy, check the news.Good luck to all. They already have licenses to sell their medical products to German and Australian market. Own full licensed production. Acquired Emblem earlier this year.
How come its crushed?
Dont even bother to buy this trash.
How do i buy into this stock
Etrade, Ally, TD Ameritrade
need to look at the wider pic. If not you will ultimately fail.
is this trash or not
not judging by it's activities
bout to spike
Another BUY rating was just issued.
Aleafia Health Enters German Medical Cannabis Market with Supply, Distribution Joint-Venture