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dilution over pps going higher
handed over
i cant watch this anymore. have signed out of all my apps. will check again in 2024
This makes people crazy
No friend, how far will you fall, rise a little, get out a little, let's see some movement from you.
When do you think it will rise, Mr. Orhan?
i think is looking for new bottom before the sale of stocks offering. after that price should rise as they are trying to maintain 35mil valuation to stay on Nasdaq. i think 50 cents is the lowest so anything between 50 and 70 cents for me personally is good but long term. Short term i am going bearish
Why are you falling so low
Do you think the latest situation balance sheet will give us a positive feedback?
its very likely but in short term i am little bearish on this. I set target for my plan aiming October. For now i just DCA on way down.
I wish there was a shot for at least 1 dollar until September and October
aaaand it's gone 😅👌
Does anyone have any hope for this, it still doesn't move up
looks like it did double bittom at .74 area and now moving towards 1$ area. 5.56 target long
Let's sacrifice for more than 2 dollars
when 2 dollars?
Do you think it will go over $1?
this month will fluctuate a lot. probably will go above 1 briefly and pull back. to 90 cents. my orice target is 1.45 next month and half
went below 1. need to go above so it can stay listed. price target 1.45
now go on 2
in a month or two?
holding very firm in the weak market
My thoughts and opinions are definitely not investment advice. The stock market is an extremely risky market. Shares cannot be bought with the comments of others. It is necessary to get support from experts.
It's a company that landed here at $200. very high potential to rise well above current prices
You will never build this company at this market price
I think that she can gather enough power to throw on 2 and if she throws over 2, she can go 5 ways.(dişil)
I think that R&D and innovation companies with an open market price of 1-5 dollars always attract the attention of large companies or investors such as Elon Musk. You can neither establish these companies at this market price nor this knowledge...
My thoughts are never investment advice.
R&D companies are very valuable in the health sector... those who have signed billions of products as a result of innovation
Elon Musk
. These R&D companies are strategic for the healthcare...
I think there may be a merger or acquisition of a large company. These R&D companies are strategic for the healthcare...
According to the news in the newspaper Habertürk; U.S. companies Athersys Inc and Australian Mesoblast treated hundreds of patients' stroke in 36 hours with the new method. Thanks to the method that can flow 1.2 billion cells intravenously, aneurysms that cause paralysis in the brain are also cured.
Good times are near :)) surely one day it will see its old levels