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OK, so it's great 5500 of us lose contracts on 15.50 calls
now 1500 of these 15.50 contracts remain... when they cashed out Tuesday?
a dud just went off
what u mean?
Bastard ATT, took away retiree HRA benefits- worthless corp dogs.
met earnings .. hmmmm
what's going here
what happened here?
stock Market bottomed out finally, but I forever lost 1800
below 14 otw ? gimme 12s
huge gain Monday am... watch, 5%... t did well compared to vz this past week... hold its value a week-long... while vz sank because of the larger 900 million shareholder payout... t is going to rile over vz... I'm sure 18 dollar mark is coming next quarter... low increase to 16, high increase to 18.... optimistic...
lol 🥳
man, I lost 1800 in options... 😭😭😭😭😭
İts shame that vz and att that low
good divvy pay, vz
what happened to all that good news ?
Guys how long do you have to own the stock to get a dividend?? Thanks
if you have share before 1 day ex dividend date you can take dividends.
slowly comeback to 20
it take forever to comeback 😩
it's fking slow man
Just take the dividend!!!
T fan boyz waiting for a green day be like 🤮
that didnt age well.. looks like the shorter is crying
buy target 18$
I retired from at&t and it is failing company mired in buerocracy, politics , and debt. The only people who profit is the board .
The CEO and the board. I call it a socialust company…. Only knows how to survive with Government handouts. Free Market competition culture is not in its DNA.
Garbage !!
what's the low target on this
12 min 8
I want 12 zone
It will hit single digits.
I think both att and vz management decided to plug lead cables to investors ass
how is this green today ?
this is not overvalued, like the big tech, plus a good dividend payer
Big government contracts coming
Only way AT&T can survive is on free money from tax dollars. They cant compete inna free market. AT&T’s dna is communism.
🍌 oops
PAYDAY 8/1/2023
how much did a share cost u to get 1.75% divvy pay? 15.50? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 we lost a $1.00 for 28 cents 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
:'( i buy18$ 3$for 28c so bad...
AT&T as his best large-cap total return story over the next 12 months
and peaking at 15 from ten. Sure. I am in!