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What's wrong with XDC, is it stable coin??
no volume?
Where's my comments
Huge money maker right here XDC
XRP, XLM and QNT are next. ISO 20022 certified, There are 3 others and Cardano is getting close, I figured this would be the last to pop out of those . Ha Congrats
Many crypto Enthusiast say this is a good (XDC) one but I rarely see any news updates on it. I bought some just in case 🤑
Maybe next year it will start to move , I'll be waiting .
Up up
Been Holfing sincr 0,06 . Really great projection till it hits 0,2 soonn
Enviromentally healthy XDC👏🏼📈💎🙌🏼
10 within 1 year !
$10+ is very comservative. $100 by 2025