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Is anyone interested in a platform where you can double your crypto in three/four weeks? I’m withdrawing 1k usdt every week. Send me a message on Reddit I’ll show you how it’s simple. @pete202995
What currency should I buy to make a good profit in a week? My property is 60 dollars
Tether $84.18B
Trading involves a lot of technicalities and strategies
please do not sell your Bitcoin now
Hello friends. We bought tether from a site called www.rester.com. It made good snow. On the day we wanted to withdraw, we wanted to pay the 5% commission and withdraw the money. He said that since the site originates from Hong Kong, those who participate from outside the city must also pay 8% tax. We became members here with a code we received from each other. When we individually deposited our commissions and taxes and wanted to withdraw our money, he told us that the person with the largest amount should withdraw their money first. We cannot pay tax on the largest amount. Because it costs a lot of money. And we can't trust it. If anyone has information about this site, please help.
common scammers, something similar happened to me in the past, I had to complain to ecobansecurities -io in order to get assistance.
Is there a competition for media banking and decentralized finance? Yes
Tether $83.21 Billion market cap