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hold for the gold Lunn
mid October could be the start of a new bull run for Bitcoin
if today no break 26,8k again... 19-20k is coming soon.
Mark this post: $5,565 by mid Dec
Yeah, we will all mark your post, lmao. Who are you again?
Obviously, he decided to move from the Nasdaq to the BTC forum, cause everybody laughs at him there !
Here is the comment from this total loser and buffoon on the exact bottom. Check the date and check nasdaq's chart: Comments by TheGlobe Trade (aka the total buffoon)Nasdaq 100 FuturesOct 24, 2022 11:00PM ETGlobal meltdown ahead. Fair warning!
I q buy 26055 with stop loss.Follow risk of lossing.
I q sell 26838with stop loss.Follow at yr own loss.
Nice day today.
Up or Down?
Hey everyone check out shiba 2.0 on coin base wallet. only 2 months and did 200% spike yesterday. Only thing moving up right now. Look how fast shiba inu grew in 2 years.
and it will fall another 230% next day
sell gold now, before it retest $1200
yer a huge fool
Oh, did your feelings get hurt🥲