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Either shooting or flash correction is an strong buying opportunity. Regards.
buy bich
Charles Ponzi has the nerve to post laughing at CZ instead of laughing at himself for being short from 1K lol haha
He is the worst loser here. He blame others for his own losses. he is such a mean little person, that he was laughing about people losing money. His is the typical POS who wish everybody to fail cause he failed in life.
of course, everybody knows by now that Charles Ponzi is Johnny Crash, aka Remco, da Dutch loser.
I figured it was the same loser
Never below 35K again friends
Everything in cryptocurrency is so uncertain, I’d be a fool to say cryptocurrency investment is a safe bet. But I think the fact it has been such a safe bet is exactly why it’s such a good bet
Hahahaha CZ from Byenance will remain SAFU in JAILU in USA hahahaha
Nobody cares, keep sucking some monkeys to repay your margin calls. CZ is not the CEO of Biinance anyway, and that had no impact on BTC !
Having money while in jail is like owning crypto, it's there, somewhere but you can't buy anything with it except drugs hahahahahaha
Bitcoin or unbacked USDT for drugs?
Dis turrd bout to crash
is there any chance for bull run
Another 1 billion unbacked tether was minted and this trash still goes down
Hey, you finally found your sack to post and accept your shame for being so wrong. Of course, you just post ignorance about tether that has no basis in reality. Enjoy staying a loser. Haha, take another L
Keep whining Remco, Before you were laughing about Binance getting sued. Well, nothing happened. BTC is still at 37k.
How are performing your 3k shortes, Remco ? I thoght that BTC was seek and dying, LOL
No one can actually verify who owns what or how much. That's the scam. No one.