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Hey everyone check out shiba 2.0 on coin base wallet. only 2 months and did 200% spike yesterday. Only thing moving up right now. Look how fast shiba inu grew in 2 years.
and it will fall another 230% next day
sell gold now, before it retest $1200
yer a huge fool
Oh, did your feelings get hurt🥲
God bless President Trump let’s go forward $30,000 by this weekend
He is not President trump anymore, lol. Thank god. It is hilarious how he insists all his cult followers call him that to stroke his ego, though.
God bless America God bless Trump let’s go forward $30,000. Don’t listen to YouTube. Don’t listen to Kramer. It’s an asset you must have. Or you’ll be sorry you have to pay Satoki for this price later I’m telling you listen to me but don’t buy anything. I’m not financial advisor. I am buying, but I don’t want you to buy it. Relax read my thread. I am extremely optimistic especially when they talking about bullshit spot price Kitco you don’t need no spot price the only way to kill it turn off the Internet. Only assets BlackRock does not have extreme hold on Capeesh.
F traitor trump
Bull coming…. Lolzzz
A lot of people are about to buy whales
You have no idea what you’re talking about
They are not making it easy for short term traders trying to catch the wave thats for sure.
If you short every spike you’d make a nice profit. Something you don’t know anything about
call me
Yeah, I'm sure that's what you've been doing after the fact loser. Are you making a great profit on these half percent swings? Im just so sure you are timing the tops and bottoms perfectly too, lmao? It's so obvious you're poor.