Natural Gas Futures - Jan 23 (NGF3)

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  • Day's Range:
    5.413 - 5.672
  • Type:Commodity
  • Group:Energy
  • Unit:1 Mmbtu

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  • Why this is goong up? Any news?
    • Cities Around The World Are Trying To Cut Out Natural Gas buildings  this week as part of its plans to decarbonizeA large portion of a cities emissions comes from its buildings, so these moves by cities to reduce the natural gas consumption associated with buildings could have a major effectWhile plenty of cities and industries are planning to move away from natural gas, the transition will take time and natural gas still has a key role to play in powering the world
    • they will use electric wich is powered by NG.
    • This new york is old news and likely not a market mover. If anything price should go down. I think it just the usual asian pre-trading with thin volume