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Commodities Analysis & Opinion

Dollar Surges As Gold Falls By MetalMiner - Dec 02, 2015

Gold sinks (yellow) as dollar surges (green) simultaneously. Source: MetalMiner analysis of @StockCharts.com data. The price of gold hit a fresh five-year low on Friday after closing at $1,056 per ...

David Levenstein
Here's Why It's Essential To Own Gold By David Levenstein - Dec 02, 2015 2

Many individuals are perplexed about the current low gold prices especially with all the madness in the world. It just doesn’t make sense. While the U.S Federal Reserve (Fed) has backed off from...

Steven Knight
Copper Bottom Still Nowhere In Sight By Steven Knight - Dec 02, 2015

2015 has been a relatively down year for copper prices as a combination of slow growth in supply and diminished demand have ravished the commodity. However, despite a relatively static level of ...

Gold's Bearish Direction Strength Decreases By ICN.com - Dec 02, 2015

Gold's bearish direction strength decreased according to ADX readings, while RSI14 shows bullish tendency and that would trigger potential upside correction. A break above 1074.00 is the first thing...

Oil Trades Near 41.40 By ICN.com - Dec 02, 2015

Oil trades near 41.40, while ADX shows increase of the bearish trend and RSI trades below 50.00 levels. On the upside, moving averages are covering the movements from the topside. The aforementioned...

Tim Knight
Crude: Watch The Forty By Tim Knight - Dec 01, 2015 1

Crude oil has been the weakest asset in the world of 2015 and that weakness seems to be continuing. I’m watching the $40 level on the front month, since it represents the low for the year; and ...

Phil Flynn
Oil's Political Mess By Phil Flynn - Dec 01, 2015 1

Cover Up? Did Turkey shoot down a Russian warplane to cover up its role in moving ISIS oil? Russian President Vladimir Putin is leveling some very serious charges at Turkey saying that is exactly the ...

Kenny Fisher
Gold Steady Ahead Of U.S. Manufacturing PMI By Kenny Fisher - Dec 01, 2015

Gold is steady on Tuesday, as the metal trades at a spot price of $1068.94 in the European session. In economic news, we’ll get a look at US manufacturing data, highlighted by ISM Manufacturing ...

Jason Sen
Soybeans Test Resistance At 883/884 By Jason Sen - Dec 01, 2015

Soybeans testing resistance at 883/884. However, be ready to buy a break above 885 to target November highs at 891. This is not strong resistance, so if we continue higher look for the next target ...

Jason Sen
Corn Tests Resistance At 375/376 By Jason Sen - Dec 01, 2015

Corn March testing resistance at 375/376. A break higher is more positive and targets 378/379 then strong resistance at 381/382 for a selling opportunity. Below 371 is less positive and targets 369 ...

Jason Sen
WTI Crude: Holding Minor Support At 4175/70 By Jason Sen - Dec 01, 2015

WTI Crude is holding minor support at 4175/70 as I writ,e which again allows a recovery to 4215/20, perhaps as far as strong resistance at 4245/50. Try shorts here again with stops above 4280. If we ...