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Commodities Analysis & Opinion

Michael Pento
Don’t Sell Your Gold Because Of Draghi By Michael Pento - Dec 01, 2015 2

European Central Bank President, Mario Draghi, has been trying to lower the value of the euro by promising to pursue inflation with a vengeance. His inflation rhetoric was stepped up during a speech ...

Cam Hui
Demographics And Gold: Something Doesn’t Add Up By Cam Hui - Dec 01, 2015

This is another in a series of occasional posts on quantitative analysis. I am indebted to Josh Brown for pointing me to an article by Larry Swedroe, which discusses a study on demographics and real ...

The National Bank of Canada
Oil Gained 6% Last Week By The National Bank of Canada - Nov 30, 2015

Last week WTI crude managed to stay above $40/barrel, appreciating 6% over the course of the week. The number of active oil drilling platforms in the U.S., as published by Baker Hughes, fell once ...

Chris Kimble
Oil's Moment Of Truth By Chris Kimble - Nov 30, 2015 2

Crude oil is quite simply the most important commodity on the planet. But volatility with crude prices emerges every time there is conflict in oil-producing nations or an economic slowdown. And this ...

Phil Flynn
Oil's Big Week By Phil Flynn - Nov 30, 2015

It could be a defining week for oil, starting off with the global warming summit in Paris and ending with one of the most crucial OPEC meetings in recent memory. Long-term demand projections are in ...

David Becker
Picking A Bottom On Gasoline By David Becker - Nov 30, 2015

Gasoline price have continue to decline placing the average retail price of gasoline at $2.09 per gallon according to the Department of Energy. Prices are poised to test the lows generated during 2008...