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We need another Volcker Shock Raise as inflation is picking up again.
No amount of rate hikes can or will stop this. Inflation is a monetary phenomenon and can only be stopped by reducing the M4 money supply
Why would any buy long term bonds? You can always pivot out of the 3 Month if need be. Paging SVB…
The pivot is dead. With China using Yuan for trade those dollars formerly used for that trade will flood back to America and via P = (M*V)/Y where P is Aggregate Price, M is Money Supply Level, V is Velociy of M and non-linearly related to M, and Y s GNP causing massive inflation.
it could go for 6%
30% End of 2023! 🚀🚀🚀 Make America Great Again!
Why isn’t these assets trading
20% End of 2022! 🚀🚀🚀 Make America Great Again!
10Y here we come
Come on go up as fast as possible
This is below the fed rate with almost guaranteed another 25bp in the next 2 hikes.? whats the deal?
The deal is that the global economy is collapsing
9% inflation this has to go to 5%?
going to 1.0
It looks bad really bad. Soon maybe RRP will be tested its 0.01% to it. It seems like there are collateral problems, which will made this “recovery” impossible. Yes, long-term yeilds go up because of commodity prices go up, but its temporary. In my opinion it won´t last long to another dollar shortage.
*make *yields
I was saying yesterday, watch out for the "Sell in may and go away"... I feel like a liquidity crunch might happen if selling gets too hot.
these 13 week bills and corporate credit.. total mess. i hope fed comes out on next week meeting with mmlf. while people are obsessed with 10 year (as they are doing nothing to the equity market) things are looking very bad in short term. act preemptively again. it was very successful last march.
Agree. You can almost time your wrist watch to the interventions in the early hours US time, its crazy to look at. What preemptive measures do you take yourself?
what just happened? ******?
ecb operations via repo market.
low rate at 0.01 median at 0.035 last auction now median at 0.02 and low rate at 0.00 oof..
yup you cant fight two fronts in the war at once. many warlords had tried it and failed.
okay dip below that 0.028. i wanna see uvxy 100 haha
short term yields going negative, longer term yields going higher. ew
so you wanna go negative along with 4 weeks too? lol
3-month bond yield +19% an hour ago, but +8.09% now XD