Vallourec (VACD)

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11.665 / 11.720

VACD Comments

the "dps" fr00140030J9 allowed people to buy the share at a lower price: 8dps for 37 shares (best price: 8x7.5+(37x5.66) 269.42 (7.28 eur /sh) ). That's why they can easily buy the shares without affecting the market. At the current price, the trend should stop FOR THIS REASON (it can down for other reasons). Make your own investigations and don't trust anyone's analysis...
7.375 eur is like 34,11 with the previous amount of shares, so if you are used to the previous prices, it is even not that cheap (please double what i am writing, i think i am right but it doesn't match the data of investing...
so how are they able to short sell this and buy it back in 3 days without making increase the share's price too much?
Vallourec, le tube de l'été...
le mois boursier finit ce vendredi, a bon entendeur
hold cgg stop au vad agressif
or sell and buy more with the dps (expired now)...
Way oversold! Could become the next Gamestop « a la francaise » ! Short squeeze around the corner...
"the French steel pipemaker launches its capital increase" no fake news, thx a bunch
everybody with more than 8iq knows that you shouldn't invest in this
Who have put his money on this already doubled it
Is it time to buy stocks here ?! sorry i m a biggner and and i want to know from those who aleredy know this company .. thanks
why that ******can't hold price ?