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Sold off most of position yesterday to lock in gain. Don't know if and when X will be aquired.
Who ever seriously thought esmark was in the game? Maybe to sweeten the bid a little
Sold everything with reasonable profit, this is going to get bought up, cannibalized and sold for scrap
What happened?
another buy offer
Dolar 24.40
This stock is cheap, as are most commodity and commodity-related stocks
You think it broke the 26$ resistence?
no sales orders 👍🇸🇰
down 👇 USS Košice sro, Dutch holding company has no enough orders ®️👍🤷‍♂️
Load UP
USS has not enough orders and low demand for 4Q 🗝️
The communist government's influence on the markets is clearly visible.
back to 30's with these earnings...
underperforms steel yesterday, and now is red 4% when steel is green. the stock MAKES STEEL. Any increase in STEEL price increases PROFIT MARGINS. It trades at 0.3 P/S!!! ********IS WRONG WITH YOU. WHO CARES APPLE IS DROPPING
Even if this stock is cheap, it may be sold as collateral for other stocks or cryptocurrencies. When the market is panicking, the reason for selling doesn't matter.
chiiiinneerrman.. Chiiiinneerr steel is garbage
oh dont forget to sell it down red 4% when steall is green. joke market, joke traders, joke funds.
yes buy up tesla, buy up SHOP, buy up AMD, but sell this at 0.7 P/B, 0.3 P/S, and 2 forward PE. you are all jokes.
biggest fraud this morning. steel up 2%.
Maybe, it is the last dump before soaring up to 30
If the market price of iron is soaring, a 2-3 PE does not necessarily indicate that the company is cheap.
it does at 0.7 book value
Many people aren't as smart as the people I'm writing here, so it seems like it will take some time for the stock valuation to change.
obscenely undervalued. Company should buy itself.
we have fraud still rampant on wall st
So much so, I'm not sure what you're talking about, specifically
X sells steel mostly on iternal market. current PE of 2. this is a cash machine......what's wrong with people????/
We are in a downtrend. PE... Value, growth stocks worth less. Cash going out and it takes time (2-3 years) for stocks to go up
This will crash to 10
US Steel is cleaning the floating chips on water. Fasten the seat belt and X will leap over 60