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Product has potential but management is trash. :(
Finally seeing some improvements here!
no recent post on this stock. This tech will be used on the future eventually!
no recent post on this stock. This tech will be used on the future eventually!
Will be crazy high
OK...$1.45 breached, do I hear $1.20?...
Alright, in at $2. Got reserves ready to buy more if the dip continues. Looking at $1.60
Good price now?
I'd love to get into this on a dip. Hoping it will fit resistance around or before $3.50 again. Looks like around $2.30 had been some solid support. I'd be very pleased to see $2.50 again.
titan medical is the stock of the future
warrants placed at 2$ and 1.50$ each unit price
Best buy coming to 2.5
Dint realize it is going to fly south. I was expecting an upper trend based on the report.
why is it down
let's fly
Biolase Inc skyrocket, best profit stock 2021, merger!
Getting ready to take off! hold on.
Why this stock is falling after all the positive press releases/ news.
Buy now! It's going up
Hahaha. You're a sad little pumper.
 This comment aged as well as Joan Rivers.  Its at 3 dollars and change right now.
1.02 buy ...!
And it will go back up!
It will crash tomorrow - already down 22%
Titan Medical shares are trading higher after the company announced development and license agreements with Medtronic and a senior secured loan
is it a good investment?
why is this going down.....
why you make so bad critic for my company Titan Medical please ?