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manipulated setup, inflation is not going anywhere. UnderValued
very good price. gonna buy 10% of all portfolio. 58-59 i think no
Keep On Believing that Nash historically speaking if gold goes up 5% gold miners go up heading to 10/15%
try 30% and junior miners even more
Gold stocks got a good way to go up if they start having a crypto backup n allows lending borrowing against it
Gold up, and NEM is down... Seems odd
NEM a bit extended, gold off highs, not overly surprising.
Today excellent opportunity to buy as futures are lower.
Looks good
hora de comprar NEM
sell all and buy bitcoin
Very smart advice (irony). Tulipomania🙂they had also sold everything for tulips🤪
it was smart to buy bitcoin 2 years ago. good luck buying more now
buying time blast coming to new highs
Great numbers released by NEM... surprised the stock is only up 0.6%. Undervalued
Difficult environment currently, because gold prices are bearish. Miners are generally dropping, I hope its not the repeat of 2015-16
 Correct... I have bought both physical and miners, so I hope interest will come back when the stock and bitcoin frenzy cools down a bit
Gold up, NEM down. Try to understand this
Gold down, NEM still up
This one holds stronger than barrick but still overall performance of miners is disappointing.
buy soon blast confirmed
Buyback shares
gold 2% lower and newmont 2% higher   why?????
No idea, GDX is also 2% down
shares being bought back by the company maybe
 Big banks held the stimulus until after earnings so that they could do their own buybacks as recently allowed by the FED - Now that they've seen the market reaction to their own stock and have adjusted they can utilize that borrowed money elsewhere - such as reserve assets.
My sliver plays. MAG, FR, svm, FVI are doing great. Combined up 3.5% toda
Is this going to take any big swings
Yes at 20th january when gold is poised to break 3000
NEM $61.44 +3.36% @ Close!
NEM $60.21 +2.36% @ Close!
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