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earnings miss. why would people buy this stock with only 5b market cap?
Any news
O no I bought yesterday and it's going down :( Should I short it?
If you don't need the money wait. It will grow again.  Datadog shares dropped as well.
Is it good to buy?
most likely. If you look at the chart they have alway grown back in a few months.
Thank you sir
Why is falling? The earnings was'nt good?
yes, too insignificant earnings
bought at $103.. should i double down and lower avg price for long haul or cut losses and sell? Thoughts?
Don't average. IMO, company will have good competition from Amazon and other cloud providers
 ok.. just been a long while that ive been in the red.... i'm a long buyer but this has been a while in the red... do you think it'll turn around?
I have moved my money from this to Twitter before 2weeks.. Down side is limited for new Relic but I guess it will be in this price range for long time.
Dear Mr. Sharan do you think this stock again will up rise again ? what is your opinion ? best regards., Tasos Lazaridis / Greece.
How do people think about re-entering ? Are markets climbing just to trigger limit buys and then waiting to fall again ?