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Its cheap i buy, because pandemie ending
Horrible earnings, stock 8% down. ECB comes to rescue and its back up. I hope someone goes to prison one day for this. No central bank is legitimate to decide the price of a stock
this thing together with airbus and boeing will go directly to the floor sooner or later
can you explain why please?
 Tinfoil hat explains everything
Hype train going to the sky
Down to 80€
 Short selling has been allowed again. Yesterday's gain was because of lowered price spreads, more liquidity and hedges taking positions to short this stock the *******down of it. People yesterday got caught up.
Personal view: from this crisis all air travel and tourism related industries will take the longest time to recover. Even with a vaccine available early 2021... which is a remote possibility. If one wants to double his money in 7 years, this is a good stock...
 That is why I do not know why stock increases massively, esp. when the marco situation/dax is getting better...