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Wilson apologizing are you kidding me he said they were wrong about stock evaluations what a joke
Inflation rate went down from 4 to 3, hence there will be no chance that Powell rise rates this year. He implied two more hikes but that was only bluff.
Bankrupt. Merrill Lynch of 2023 to stop Fed from raising rates further and pivot. If not then lord save us with the rates 🙏🏻
Rubish yet
federal Reserve Bank rise rates
Price target 125$ according to all analyst.
my personer paymen accout lockinn
They have been at it for a long long time, up and down but good very long term hold.
Trading idea - Entry point has to be over 87/61.80%
Sell Morgan Stanley.
Buy Morgan Stanley.
If you want to invest in a solid bank with a good dividend yield I recommend BFF BANK (BFF Bank SpA (BFF))
Long term hold. Ignore short term.
This stock is hanging on to gains for today. Yeild heads higher bank will drops
Did it? Did it really?
90$ today
It will drop more today
stock prediction 125$
based on what?
All analyst
Did i miss some bad news on this stock?
Don't think so. Stock is still a buy in several circles.
They just keep making money on other people's money.
embezzlement to Alibaba of Morgan Stanley of The Late David Hamilton Koch Foundation through stock shares of JP Morgan & Chase by Barclays Bank Investments of New York City New York State
I love 💕 this.
bank of America JP Morgan Stanley Goldman Sachs Bank of NY Mellon fine.
embezzlement to Alibaba
Since when is doubling the dividend bad news???
I'm downgrading this stock to $10. they've got no financial prowess to lead them in the right direction. on occasion have been spreading fud about other companies to with no valid facts... I.E spce if you read they're article about it's a hot mess of lies ... sad when you see a grown up company throwing a money temper tantrum...
You threw the tantrum