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Is this going up, or will continue to go down?
now what,?
Time to buy
Strong buy
the volatility on this is crazy
Smacked me a couple times but I ended up on it
got me during my swipe that's how fast it was going. Had to jump out quickly to recover. think it's ok to get back in where it's at? are there any predictions?
booooom babe
Price target: $0.00
lmao SELL!
afraid of buying now. It's dying off
agree, watching to get back in around $5-$6
Just gonna rocket in few mins
I think so too
price target 12
Did u sell ur heat biologics stock?
30.95 soon
hold or sell?
take your profits!!!!!
not going to greedy. im out! thank youuuuu
Just sold it for a 325% profit, was a nice run MIST. Great company.
And here we go..📈
Wyckoff phase 2??!
I was right
no news, bad news..
did any one recommend to buy in 2.8-3 $ shares?
  did you think the company will recover from the strong decline due the failed phase 3 test? did the company will continue in the research and development?
i really don't know, but it's their job.invest the amount you can afford to be 0. the limit of your gains, is up to you my friend.
  thank you my friend