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what the price prediction in next one month
1k€ I'm going to receive this 5th-Dec!! Great Christmas!
everybody put their money on luxury goods after they got rich. The rich never fail regardless of economic cycle.
it's even easier to tax people
this is one of my favorite stock to short. easy money. lol
Excellent buying opportunity, long term view is extremely strong !!
lvmh sales are good. i see that numbers are still strong . tomorrow earnings call
earnings are very good. i checked massmechelen and lvmh store was full.
That’s a top brother-in-low comment
LVMH gives opportunities. 735 bought before fed. and targets 1015 euro in 02/2024 mark here.
Back to reality , short since 880 target 580
670 i will cover half and second half 580 . Even there overvalued but i will keep the plan
Nervous? XD 6pm Paris time!
Greats results!!!
the margins are falling and the company is attacking the middle class too much ...
Lvmh, you buy, you win
Price Target 🎯 850€ according to analyst.
do your own analysis... never forget that the same "analysts" said: NIO in 500$ on 2021 xD
Bad times to step in. LVMH and other french luxury stocks rets on China which is gearing up for a new Covid-19 wave that a top Chinese medical expert says could infect 65 million people a week by late June. Office workers are already calling in sick, many of them catching the virus for the second time in six months.
COVID pandemic is over according to WHO.
There is no more lockdown in China and maybe in the rest of the world. It did more bad than good.
When I have to BUY? and whats the limit of this action in this 2023?
No limit.
sold all my US holdings to long LVMH and long CHF. flight to safe haven
who buys premium goods in recession lol
premium goods are recession proof
No recession it's a Normal goods Marginal the more the price up more Chinese bought. Weblen good.
I bought LVMH goods at Harrods in UK with personal shopper.
Rebound 840 first.
Price target 850€ .
LVMH is too high. Dangerous.
Run. LV down to 700.
whats a better buy, LVMH or DIOR?
All LVMH Hermes Kering Dior.
What just happened
Bubble already … shorting all avove 800€ every 10€ up avg down price
Yea right, a firm with cash-flow like a river, relised only from 25 percent of it’s asset, turning imensse potential grow. Enjoy losing money.
you got a point but at the same time. The stock is acting as a hedge which at some point will start turning around
A lor of early crypto whales money went in here. =)