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It is at a very good time to buy, a little above its VTC, but it is going to go up, it is a good investment in the medium-long term today.
Saliamo sopra 11.10....
Ottime prospettive di crescita! Buon investimento per gli anni a benire.
Iberdrola is a great and green company to invest. The green energy is the best way to fight the climate change.
Serale ci avvicineremo agli 11.0
Iberdrola is a great company to invest for the long term
Bene 11.20 da superare oggi...
Vero aquisto forte !! Peccato ho poco.
Incremento !! Seguira flusso energia ed andiamo ai massimi sopra 11 ,20
11.20 con
Bitman Methode for Investors. You can follow me in this asset in Spanish. Good luck!
at 6
at 8
at 9e
at 13e
€ 12 seguro....
Siguiente parada 8 euros
sal de corto
Hay que aguantar, en breve estaremos en la horquilla 11/12.
Se apoya en los 11.30
A mediados de mes se va a apoyar en los 11 antes de subir
at 13uppp
at 13¡¡¡¡
at 13
Strong or not strong my spanish friends?