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Finally won a lawsuit from the government taking Fannie profits and putting in the Treasury department for the fat cat administration to do whatever they want with it.
FNMA has engaged in increasingly risking practices since 2015 - their book is rotten.
This propaganda dates back to the GFC. If their book is rotten then the entire housing market is too.
easy .60 otw... road to $dollar$ land has begun
time to load
This POS correctes more during the year than rest of the market
back to .25
this is great short term play. been doing it for years. will never hit double digits. government takes all the profit. would love to know where ot all goes
if fannie hold 1.3 by the end of the day, we should expect recovery next week (to 1.6-1.8$)
Scotus rulling soon
listen to the podcast
If FNMA emerges from Conservatorship, it goes to $20
Fair Stock Price > 100$ Without a shred of exaggeration..
REVENUE : 112 b MARKET CAP : 2.44 b Hmmm something terribly wrong here... It should be more like : REVENUE X 6 = MARKET CAP <=> REVENUE : 112 b MARKET CAP : 650 b <=> Stock Prive = 562 $ This is unbelievable.. If 562$ stock price is an exaggeration 100$ is perfectly sensible...!! All in!!
Crazy brakeout stock! Sooo undervalued it will 10fold veery soon!! Nice!!! TOP TOP TOP
After doing no research, I feel compelled to share what I feel - lol. We are headed for a housing crisis once foreclosures are again allowed. people will not save their stimulus cash to catch up on their mortgage loans, instead they will celebrate (use up all their cash). Then, when we revert to the normal schedule of paying for your mortgage, many people will default. This will in turn strain the overall economy, and cause a drop in real estate value, causing another recession - or at least a dip. However, in the end game, Fannie Mae will overcome this trauma, move on to recapitalization, and finally be ready to become an independent entity, with strings attached. Their valuation will maybe rebound to $20 in 4 years.
where do you live where a stimulus check will help catch up on rent?
Great News fantastic and unbelievable! This is insane Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac can keep future earnings for first time since 2009 bailout it is the milestone decision that everyone was waiting for and the market fell.. This is so crazy when people realise what is going on both stocks will take off and gradually reach 20 $.. Bill Ackman proved absolutely right once again.....!!!
-8,64% not funny may...
Still have any chance to exiting the GSE? 😤 there is never be a clear message to the public!
Still have any chance to exiting the GSE? 😤 there is never be a clear message to the public!
Yesterday this huge story -equity with unlimited upside was on sale for no apparent reason. Nothing is changed in the essence and without any doubt in the future to come this will take off to 15 $++. The hardest part in investing is waiting. And he who waits will get the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The best stock out there selling for a cup of peanuts.
Mnuchin said treasury not focused in privatizing fnma before Trump leaves office. This is very disappointing to me.