Mercedes Benz Group AG (MBGn)

  • Volume:
  • Bid/Ask:
  • Day's Range:
    63.520 - 65.300
  • Type:Equity
  • Market:Germany
  • ISIN:DE0007100000
  • WKN:710000

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  • If Nissan decided to sale Daimler shares that means they can't see better time to sale them in the future . That means share price now very high !
    • Thats right. Im investment advisor in UBS. It is hard to find better educated people that is why I'm working here right now
    • Perhaps they are focusing on their business, something business should do ...
    • That doesn't necessarily mean that. For instqnce they might be needing money for operational for operational functions and decided to cash their 1% stake in Daimler. This is like you saying if I hold x amount of ABC stock and I am selling it, it's because I think that's the absolute peak. But of course it's not. Maybe I just need cash to buy a house.