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Why is it tabking today ? Is it just the outlook from BMV/VW ?
dividend payout ! 5.2 euros
is this the case for every exdividend dates?
next year mbg supervisory board would change. basf ceo named will become in charge
Do not enter the luxury market
Why ?
buying, energy regulation plan in EU in two weeks
European stocks are simply garbage
what happened
Putin goes Jhihad, you know.
Correction soon
Looks like a double bottom to me. Maybe the gap will be closed, even though we are at resistance.
what's the double bottom ? 67 euros u mean ?
Yes, that's what I thought.
it has touched three times. I would say it's triple bottom almost.
Probably US does not need to buy German cars in the future.
I hope they do, because American cars, suck.
next week will be best
Ok this was bad day then
PE is 6.68?
Great week anyway!
78 today?
Let's go...
New highs soon!!!
Moving up again!
No worry, be happy!
Great gains recently!
Ok, looks like today it will be in minus!
Electrification is just getting started at Daimler
My guess is over 100 in this year!
Ford is higher so will go Daimler
Almost all time high
Lets go.