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Dear ALL! If I sold my shares after 2nd of April, 2020 and do not have any open possition in DAIMLER; I`ll receiv my this year dividends of not? Please advice...
Nope. You will not get anything. Ex-Div date is Jul 09.
The dividend is CANCELLED? Yes or no. Link to confirm. thanks
Not known yet. The Annual General Meeting of Daimler AG has been shifted and will take place on July 8, 2020.
Should not be canceled, will be paid later 0.9 per share.
when 2 buy next
The dividend is CANCELLED ??
Sell or buy ?
Minimum 6% rise tomorrow!
also curious .
Bravo! You missed the day with 1. Still more than ok
sell Daimler for the the 21.2 sl 23.5
only chance will make you able to take it back without losing massively
I predicted it will down 35 I will start buy
patience.have to wait for better price.
many problems for daimler.but always a good stock.we will buy lower.
This dividend cut isn't good. For many it is/was the reason to hold the stock.
it was known for a long time, investors anticipate what will happen
Yes, but I hoped that it wouldn't have been so severe.
I was feeling posstive and was going to go long before the tomorrow. Now i see an increase in job cut to 15000. Is that good news to go long?
I'm really really sad adout this, its is not fair
Fair? If you invest in ICE engine car manufacturers instead of Tesla how do you expect to get returns? ICE engine business is dead and bleeding heavily. They will go bankrupt.
 Horses do not die when the dogs want
Hold Daimler for long, except Tesla they are the only-ones that are planing their own battery manufacture. I think that for next 10yrs tesla, vw, porsche, damiler will do well. Except the daimler os diversified, will not die that easily.
Look chart on monthly: perefect reverse- long to 60-70
from here it drops the maximum 3 euros
I was right, I did not say on what deadline ..., express your opinion, you, those who voted negative
What’s happend?
Tomorrow gep up open?
Gap down
target 50.50 for gap closing. what do you think?
Good price
first bottom at 38.5/39, next at 35, then 30 before reverse rally upwards
my POV based on chart movement. What you think?
if it sustains 40, then it can move back to touch 70 i think. any views ir suggestions? buy?
It can go back to 100 if ECB starts QE and Trade Wars end :)
It's struggling to get past 50. Once it does it will gain attention and momentum.
Hope you all didn't sell below 50...
Why warning of profit cut came at time when stock price was reversing upward after it fell due to dividend? i am unable to understand, any hints?
buyback probably?
There were 3.25Euro dividend, not 2.86 Euro.