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what's that flash crash at the last few mins
What? 😤🧐
Daimler Truck has been spun off
1 share of DTG for 2 shares of DAI
you forgot to buy Mercedes, that why!!!
Lots of positive news ! Trust this soon will convert into stronger believe in the stock
They are taking profits
64 65 is getting closer
i see that indeed!
as I wrote here in May, it must fall below 65
What do you think about basf? In february they had the same price (65), i choosed basf, and it's 63 now, this one is over 80. I'm patient, but patience doesn't pay out.
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WARNING! Everywhere Neta Goldberg shows up, stocks eventually tank. It has been spreading horrible advice all over the forums.
Daimler is fine but its target price is NOT
100 in this year
100 in this year
65 Closer
Mercedes EQS electric luxury sedan is coming!
Why I bought more.
If Nissan decided to sale Daimler shares that means they can't see better time to sale them in the future . That means share price now very high !
Thats right. Im investment advisor in UBS. It is hard to find better educated people that is why I'm working here right now
Perhaps they are focusing on their business, something business should do ...
That doesn't necessarily mean that. For instqnce they might be needing money for operational for operational functions and decided to cash their 1% stake in Daimler. This is like you saying if I hold x amount of ABC stock and I am selling it, it's because I think that's the absolute peak. But of course it's not. Maybe I just need cash to buy a house.
This week we will see 69 or 65 .... If you buy now you will be lose your money. Now everyone is trying to sell.
getting closer to 65
will we see under 65?
No. This drop is largely due to Nissan selling their entire stock in Daimler, following what Renault did earlier. It's more a buying opportunity in my opinion.
73 to 78.99 bullish sentiments again stimulus package realising it's economics stance volatility
200e by 2022
That would be nice ! :)
76 above soon these weeks bullish sentiments stimulus package plans infrastructure economics realising it
at 100e
73 today gogo
at 100e
so how does the earnings look ? and the financial forecast for this year ?
Earnings beat the expectations again. My forecast for DAI (or specifically to become MBAG soon) generally very positive. The lack of a distinct and decisive strategic direction caused them troubles on the operative front and among the investors, but they have now been on a completely different (strategic) path the last 12 months or so. That's why the smart money is also convinced recently.
We entered a downtrend!
lol. you are beyond help.
how much more potential it has to go up ?
that would be damaging to it's reputation
Apple will not work with Mercedes, i think. Mercedes doesn’t want to be only a manufacturer for apple. This could destroy their image. Daimler will separate itself in Daimler Truck and Mercedes-Benz, so be careful. Price can then fall. It relies strong on china market. With more economic recovery, we can see prices in the 70-80 € area.
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Many of these ICE companies are in serious trouble. In my eyes some will go bankrupt, however splitting up a company in 2 was indeed an option i had in mind for them. The sooner they do it, the better.
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the mercedes eqs looks better and has better software than any tesla and will come this year
I would not bet against Mercedes, but i would also not bet against Tesla. Tesla is definitive the leader in EV. But this doesn‘t mean that Mercedes will go bankrupt. The EV market is sooo big and will became more bigger, because a car will not only be for driving and you can build so much services around it.