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14.82 again a wall in premarket...
Now hopefully support; someone does not want this to go up.
I have made a good bit off of ccl. Moved my money to amc. Should have a good beyonce pump next week.
dumb move, good luck
not so sure. We shall see.
Ship keeps sinking like Tictanic. Worsen
Accumulation after breakout. There was a stubborn large lot in Level 2 at 14.80 today dampening any run up.
Up for week. Up 27% for the month. Up 50% for the year. If the titanic sank like carnival, it would have floated over the iceberg.
Hope it will touch €20 this year
Road to 20$
finally up! 15 soon
Hmm, seems like it wants to gap up tomorrow.
i hope way to 15 is open .....
Hmm looks like we're at bottom 🤔. Or near it.
I am accumulating.
I rebuy
worth zero too much debt.
you're worth zero
She was 12 on coronavirus unbelievable
dma200 12.5x
tank city baby .. how low ?
Best ernings ever
it could if we don't have another scamdemic but we'll see
go up!! untill 20$
Let horn up for sailing now, Ccl
Price to buy now…
What ever stock was high or law as long as I like I buy,
That’s exactly the proper mindset, buddy. It’s not about timing, it’s about longevity, and your belief in their continued success. If you get an early, that’s just an added bonus.
Soon the stock price will reach at new levels!
Efhomai gia auto!
just needs some patience with this one and it will skyrock
Carnival stock wins the triple Crown with the biggest weekly, monthly and quarterly stock !!!!